you should see our bamboo blinds

When we moved into our duplex, the only window treatment it came with was some mini blinds in our bedroom and some very fancy faux-bamboo blinds that roll up in our kitchen. I think our landlord was going for the Caribbean feel or something in there, especially with the palm tree green shade of the walls. Kinda obvious that he opted to purchase our window covering materials at a place like the next door neighbor’s trashcan on trash day instead of somewhere reasonable like hillarys blinds. You know, where things aren’t held together by masking tape. We’re trying not to go overboard with buying new stuff that would improve the look of our current place, like blinds or things that should really be our landlord’s responsibility, because we’re not sure how long we’re going to stay there.

It doesn’t help matters that Riley hates mini blinds almost as much as he hates having his ears cleaned. For the past several months, we’ve noticed he’s developed this ninja-type skill of moving the curtain in the bedroom to the side with his head, and somehow opening up the blinds enough to be able to look out on the front yard. I don’t know how to break the news to him, but absolutely nothing ever happens in our front yard. At all. Except for the occasional dog peeing on the pine trees in our front yard. But that’s it.

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