can you marry the chef shack? because i would.

Current residents and visitors of the greater Twin Cities area, it’s very important that you read this.

Short version: Find the Chef Shack and eat there. Breakfast, lunch, it doesn’t matter. I had a beer bacon brat for breakfast Saturday morning and it was the best breakfast ever.

Long version: Find the Chef Shack and eat there.

They just started parking one of their trucks at 5th and Hennepin, which is just a short couple of block walk from my office. A couple of weeks ago, the first day they were downtown actually, I headed down for some lunch. I ended up having pulled pork tacos (and they threw in some bonus mini donuts, probably because I had awesome hair that day) and they were ridiculous. There was slaw involved on the top of my tacos. I hate vegetables, but you know what Chef Shack does? They make vegetables delicious.

I don’t often talk about food and that’s mainly because my idea of a good sammich contains Wonderbread, Oscar Mayer bologna, a processed American cheese slice, and maybe some French’s yellow mustard if I’m feeling confident in my abilities not to leak it all over myself.

This weekend Amelia and I went to the Northeast Farmer’s Market. While we were trying to find a parking spot, we noticed Chef Shack was there, which clearly meant breakfast. I had the aforementioned beer brat with bacon on the inside and Amelia had a very large salad that looked like a garden on a plate, which was deemed the “Vegetarian farm salad with grains and peach vinaigrette”. I don’t even know what was on it, but it was good. It also marked the first time I’ve ever tried quinoa and I’m convinced that I could go a whole week without meet as long as I had some quinoa. (Also, I just love the way it’s spelled.)

We went to the downtown farmer’s market and, on the way home, decided to stop at the Mill City Farmer’s Market. Guess who was there. No, guess. More Chef Shack! We split some burnt caramel ice cream and I thought we were going to die from deliciousness. It was fantastic and now we’re determined to find out where the ice cream’s at every weekend. I’m not sure what will happen when winter rolls around, but until then, we’re so fans of becoming Chef Shack regulars.

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