smiting t-mobile in my head

This started to be a Twitter, but it got way past the 140 character mark.

This morning, my phone started saying “Insert SIM Card” at the top and giving me an SOS symbol indicating I couldn’t take/make calls or send/receive text messages. Huh. Guess it’s a good thing I have Sudoku on my phone, since that’s the only thing it’s good for right now.

I tend to use T-Mobile’s online support, because I can do it during work and I can also reboot my phone when they need me to, whereas I can’t do that when I call them on my phone. Assuming it’s working, right?

We bought Blackberry Flips about a year ago, when they first came out. At first, we loved them. A lot. But it didn’t take too long before they started to take a turn for the worst. The General’s display probably takes 30 seconds after you open the phone to actually light up. Someone in a T-Mobile store tried telling us that that’s how all the Blackberry Flips were. Except mine doesn’t do that at all.

Then, the same person told us that they stopped making Blackberry Flips because they turned into basically piles of crap. Yeah, great. Thanks for that. Guess who still has another year left before they qualify for a full discount on a new phone, even though T-Mobile admits to selling a crap phone? That’d be The General.

Seems that when we upgraded to our Blackberries, they forgot to mark something in my file, making me eligible for the full discount. So while I can get a full discount (due to their error), they just expect The General to use a Sudoku machine as a phone for the next year before getting the full discount. It doesn’t make any sense at all to me and it irritates the bejeezus out of me.

So tonight will be a trip to a T-Mobile store so I can get a new SIM card and The General can see what kind of phone she wants to upgrade to. It was going to be a birthday surprise, but it needed to involve some discussion so no more surprise for that one!

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