presenting hugo!

We’re fostering again! Our little break was over and we’ve welcomed animal #22 this evening. Hugo, featured below, was rescued from Animal Control, where he was picked up as a stray a few weeks ago. His owners never came to pick him up and when that doesn’t? They get put to sleep. And that ain’t happenin’, if we can have anything to do with it.

Meet Hugo (who has become Huey for short):

He reminds me a whole lot of the dog we had growing up, named Shaq, who we got the same year that Shaquille O’Neal was drafted by the Orlando Magic. My brother and I found him at an elementary school near our house and brought him home via skateboard. Shaq wasn’t all that bright, having ran into my parents’ front door multiple times. I’m hoping Hugo only does that a time or two before he realizes what’s going on.

Hugo’s about 5 years old we’re guessing, just based on his  teeth. He’s sweet as can be. At about 15 pounds, he seems to be at a pretty healthy weight and hasn’t really had any accidents since we’ve had him. We’re about to test how well he sleeps in a kennel at night. You should be able to judge how well that goes based on the tone of my posts tomorrow, I’m sure!

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