lesson learned, willow river. lesson learned.

The excitement had definitely been building for weeks for the camping season opener this weekend. Imagine the disappointment you’d feel if you pulled up to the parking lot and realized you were going to have to lug all of your camping necessities (like hard liquor, an economy sized box of Oatmeal Creme Pies, and the largest container of Sunny-D known to man) 750 feet to your campsite. It’s a guaranteed disappointment.

Of course you didn’t pack any type of moving supplies. Why would you? It’s not like you had a need for moving blankets or moving dollies in the past, right? Next time you’ll know to read on the website to find out that you’ll be lugging those two coolers and absolutely necessary bottle of Boone’s Farm up a hill and through the woods. And you’ll plan ahead. Like smart people do. And don’t think your dog will help. He was too lazy to carry his own backpack.

Here is the promised tactical backpack buyers’ guide i said i will share with you guys! ENJOY!

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