I met The Kid when he was 10 and helped celebrate his 11th birthday at the Mall of America. This was him then:

And today, he turned 13. THIRTEEN. He was at his dad’s today, so we let him open his birthday presents earlier this week. I think he was pretty happy.

I always knew I’d have kids. I just never expected to start learning this whole parent thing just before the teenage years hit. But like I told him in his birthday card, I couldn’t have asked for a better bonus kid and I’m proud of him for just being exactly who he is. There’s so much I could write about when it comes to him, but since he’s 13 and knows how to Google with the best of them, I just save it.

In the event that he does somehow find this, HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY, DON*!

(I’ve started calling him Don, since he’s clearly a grown man now and none of his other nicknames seem to fit him anymore…)

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