i’m so back

So, for whatever reason, my computer decided about a year ago that it really hates being connected to the internet wirelessly. We tried two different adapters for my computer, thinking maybe that was the problem, but neither one of them made any difference at all. The General and The Boy both have full (and consistent) wireless access, so I know it’s not the router. It’s just something about my computer. And really, it’s a good five years old, so it wouldn’t surprise me. At all.

I finally went to MicroCenter this weekend and picked up 50 feet of CAT-5 cable to run from the living room (where the router is) through our entryway and all the way around our bedroom just so I could plug it into the back of my PC. Well, I bought the cable; The General did the rest of it. But I’m so very excited that I can stay connected to the internet for more than one minute.

I see more Instant Watching of my Netflix queue and more photo editing/uploading. The photos? They’re so far behind. I went out and bought a new memory card, just because I hadn’t had a chance to do anything with the 4 GB of pictures I’ve taken since the beginning of the year.

Now, my problem? My hard drive is full. Both hard drives are full. I suppose an external one is the next best option, somewhere I can store the past 11 years of digital pictures and not worry about them going anywhere.

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