year #6 and i just can’t stop

This year marks the 6th year I’ve participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure walk. In those six years, I’ve lived in different cities, had different jobs, and different people on my team. The walk itself has gone through different routes, different goals, and even a different name. The one thing that’s been consistent all this time? We still don’t have a cure for breast cancer.

The good news is that every year the mortality rate for this disease is decreasing. The bad news is that there’s still a mortality rate. An estimated 2.5 million women living in the U.S. have a history of breast cancer. Do you know one of those 2.5 million women? I do. I have friends, friends’ parents, family members, former co-workers; all who have been effected in some way, shape or form.

Any support you can provide as I gear up to participate in my 6th straight 3 Day event is greatly appreciated. Five dollars from each and every one of my friends and family members can add up very quickly. Together, you and I can really make a difference. (Stolen from my donation page, which you can find here.)

I’m crewing once again this year on the Sweep Team, but this year, I’m a Captain. That’s big time, folks. We had our first Captain’s Meeting this Saturday, where we watched some YouTube clips about Sherpas and climbing mountains and talked about way cheesy things. That’s just what you do with The 3 Day. Don’t worry, it took me a while to get used to it, too.

Naturally, being around a group of people that were so jacked up about The 3 Day got me a little jacked up, too. I think I even heard Jenni mention doing another fundraiser.

If you have $5 extra bucks, won’t you consider putting it to good use? It’s better than spending it on coffee or soda from the vending machine!

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