my home office with a view

We rearranged the furniture a few months ago, which involved putting my desk in our bedroom, because we had different types of space for my home office. It was against our front door (making it a complete fire hazard obviously!) which we never used, but in the winter, it was easier to shovel the sidewalk as opposed to shoveling the driveway in the back.

My desk’s new location has given me my first ever home-office window view. And in Northeast Minneapolis? Probably the best thing ever. I also just had Mississauga office cleaning services done, the place looks a million times better.

Our bedroom windows over look the street we live on, which is normally a pretty quiet street as far as traffic goes. Lots of dog walkers in the winter, but now that nice weather is here, I’m strongly considering digging out the ol’ webcam. In the two to three hours I’ve been working on some freelance work this morning/afternoon, I’ve seen the following:

  • Two of the boys from Brothers Friends Killing (BFK) chasing each other on bikes, one armed with a lacrosse stick.
  • A toddler motoring about on a razor scooter, that I’d likely say he’d stolen.
  • A kid shooting baskets with his basketball… except there are no baskets, so he was just practicing his shot on the sidewalk.
  • My downstairs neighbor getting into a car, shaking hands with the driver, and then getting back out. (NOT OBVIOUS AT ALL, KEVIN.)
  • There’s a cardinal that comes and sits on the branch right outside the window; he’s been visiting for a couple months now and I kind of love him.

All out of this little window view:

The view from my home office


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