it might be broken

Somehow on Tuesday night, I managed to break my shoulder in the middle of the night. I can’t move it at all and it hurts just to hold it still. What the hell?

My unplanned blogging break? Yeah, it happened. I’ve been busy.

  • We finished up our bowling league in 3rd place (out of 6) and I won some cash prize for being awesome. We’re going to be sanctioned when we start up again in the fall. Pretty sure that’s the big time.
  • The General and I went to the Globetrotters game with tickets I won off Twitter. After the game, we walked over to Target Field and, lo, I heard the angels sing. That place is gorgeous!! 
  • I had my two year review at work (my anniversary is actually 4/30, but I hadn’t had one for over a year) and it was awesome. Things I need to work on? My confidence. And that’s something I don’t really understand, because I’m a cocky asshole at work and everybody knows that. I just need to challenge myself and I’m having a hard time with it. Still love my job, though, without a doubt!
  • Sending out mass emails to everyone I know and some places I don’t know to bring in some silent auction items for the Pet Project Rescue fundraiser coming up next week. It’s still not too late to RSVP and buy your tickets in advance. Last night, I picked up a $150 gift certificate for a tattoo shop and the rest of the auction items? Holy crap. I might go broke just bidding on things. Twins tickets, hotel stays, a ton of movie prize packs, gift baskets, artwork —  it’s pretty impressive. 
  • Fostering puppies. They’re so sweet, but man, little bitty puppies that have been turned away from their mom or treated like crap? They’re high maintenance. I suppose it’s solid prep work for a baby, right?
  • Getting set for the 2010 3 Day! We’re captains this year and it took a lot of hard work and adjusting and a bunch of weirdness, but we got it all figured out and I’m finally almost excited about it.

Back to this shoulder pain.  How the hell do you go to the doctor and say “I hurt myself while sleeping”, because Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin’ there in your ghost manger, just lookin’ at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin’ ’bout shapes and colors, my shoulder hurts REALLY BAD. I told The Kid I needed help buttoning my pants this morning it hurts so bad.*

*Don’t worry. He did not help me button my pants. That’s wrong. He just laughed at me, which is absolutely the response I was looking for. 

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  1. if you tore your rotator cuff sleeping i’m going to laugh just a little. take ibuprofin for a couple of days and see if it helps. the doctor told me the same thing and even though i HATE taking any kind of pill, it does work if it’s just muscular. it basically gives your body a break from noticing the pain and lets it rest. or that’s what i was told.

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