my photos are everywhere!

I kind of love when I get notifications from Flickr that say my photos have been used somewhere. I should probably Google it more often to see where my photos have been used and I haven’t known about it. Either way, it’s still super cool and makes my head explode about a billion times. 

Here are the latest two: a picture I took on Cozumel that was used for an article about home beer delivery and this picture of a broken camp chair from our mid-summer camping trip last year used in an article about what kinds of camp chairs are best for people with big butts

Here are some more I just found, because I’m so motivated to work today.

  1. The Wikipedia article on Sea Breeze (cocktail), which features a picture I took on my last cruise.
  2. An article about planning a family road trip, picture of a young Clara Jane and her awesome Chuck Taylors included! 
  3. My eviction notice picture from my last apartment (not my eviction!) was used for an article about a six year old getting evicted.
  4. A really high quality picture that I took of the Teletubbies on TV was used on Discover Magazine’s website. 
  5. The Auto Glass Blog used a photo from last year’s 3 Day (new 3 Day post is in the works, by the way!)

I’m going to have to keep an eye on this a little more closely, because it’s pretty fun to see! 

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  1. Saw your pingback on my FGG Camp Chair article. Checked out your blog & promptly decided you were awesome.

    So congrats on the varied photo love and consider yourself up one reader! :)

  2. Chelsea

    Well, I’ve always thought you were a great photographer, but this proves it! I feel like I know someone who is practically famous. Thanks for the ego boost. lol ;) Excellent job!

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