just shy of 18 years ago

Know how there are just certain days that really stick out in your head for one reason or the other?

March 28, 1992

I was fresh from turning 14 years old and was babysitting for a lawyer. The kids were sleeping, I’d already gone through the dad’s Playboy collection (hidden in the kids’ toy room, mind you…), and had no idea when to expect the parents home. It was typical to never know when they’d be home, but I was 14 and liked getting paid three bucks an hour, so I didn’t really care.

I was sitting in their kitchen, watching the 13-inch TV on the counter. It was the only TV I could get to work, aside from the one in their bedroom, but the idea of lounging in the bed just seemed kind of weird. The cable was spotty at best on the TV, but I stumbled across a basketball game.

This basketball game:

That’s when I really, really fell in love with basketball.

And that’s also when I fell in love with Duke and Christian Laettner and Bobby Hurley, but that’s another story.

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