oh the places i’ve lived

The General and I have talked a lot about when/where we want to move. We love Northeast Minneapolis a lot. Truthfully, we love our duplex a lot. We just know that we’d prefer something on the first floor and something with a shower (because ours only has a bathtub). In-unit laundry is also on our list of demands for our next humble abode.

I’ve lived in Minneapolis for just over 8 years. In those eight years, I’ve lived in seven places. I’d say I’m fickle, but I don’t think it’s me. Let’s examine, shall we?

  1. St. Paul. I was moving from Sedalia to Minnesota. While I’d visited plenty of times before, I’d never taken the time to look at any rental property, so I left it completely up to someone else who ended up finding a house for rent and signed a lease. Because it was pink. Months later, someone broken in and stole my Nintendo 64 and my chocolate chip Eggo waffles. Not a joke.
  2. Eden Prairie. Super nice apartment. Super nice location to the two jobs I was working at the time, but holy large-SUV driving, soccer mom filled, pretentious snob filled suburb. Absolutely not me.
  3. Roseville. We lived in a four bedroom, ranch-style house with five people, one of which owned the house. The owner was on house arrest much of the time I lived there and couldn’t mow the whole backyard, because he got too far from the house and his ankle bracelet did weird things. And his girlfriend stole a bottle of vodka from my bedroom.
  4. Burnsville. Nice setup, but I fell in love with this dog named Riley and needed my own place. Plus, I’d fallen in love with Minneapolis and Burnsville to Minneapolis was a heck of a drive.
  5. Eagan. Decent apartment, decent rent, decent location. But again, it was kinda far from Minneapolis. And the new management company was turning into a pile of turds that let children skateboard in the halls. Not cool.
  6. Minneapolis #1. Loved the apartment. Got tired of Uptown. The General came with a 12 year old and I only had one bedroom.

I’d consider buying a house somewhere, but then I wouldn’t have all these awesome stories about roommates and neighbors and slumlandlords!


  1. Chaely

    ONLY a bathtub!? WHAT??? I’ve only seen such a thing on one occasion and it was in this shitty little hotel in France that my high school stuck us in. There was a bathtub with a handheld shower head on a hook next to the faucet. And no shower curtain. And no window curtain. And the room faced into a courtyard so there was another room with no curtains facing ours from about 40ft away… weird.

  2. Right? It’s kinda nuts. I mean, it’s this gigantic claw foot thing, so it’s not terrible. But I really just want to sleep in the bathtub and that does not bode well when I need to take a fast shower or something!

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