ergo baby carrier

Yesterday, our latest foster puppies came to visit. They’re poodle/terrier mixes and they weigh maybe two pounds each. They’re tiny and they’re both ridiculously and painfully cute. We’re supposed to take pictures of them, but no matter how many pictures we take, you just can’t see their gigantic cuteness factor. Yesterday was the first time they’d been separated from their mom, so they’ve been crying. A lot. And shaking like crazy. It’s very, very sad.

The General has a baby sling a company gave up as a sample for new moms that might use The General as a doula. It’s very similar to the Ergo Baby Carrier. And while we don’t have a baby to fill the sling with, I was about two seconds away from shoving Jake and Casey (yes, those are the puppies names!) into the sling and carrying about my dad.

We’re heading to Adoption Day shortly, where the puppies will be reunited with their mom. That should either be really nice for them or turn them into super hot messes tonight.

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  1. It has made them hot messes! They’re both STILL miserable. I’m really considering getting out the sling right now so I can still be functional but they might shut the hell up!

    AND “carrying about my dad” in a sling has been making me laugh for the last ten minutes!

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