i’m 32 now. i need new glasses now.

When I was home around the first of the year, my brother was telling me about his 6 pair of new eyeglasses he’d finally ordered and had delivered. The only one I remember seeing him wear was a pair of argyle ones. He went on and on about them and even just sent me an email earlier this week asking if I’d ordered them yet. Of course I hadn’t, because I haven’t had my eyes checked for at least four years. That’s about to change this weekend… assuming a walk-in appointment is available somewhere. Otherwise, this post might be way premature.

Before Travis had actually ordered them, I’d read a ton of articles (including this one) about them online. Not being able to try on a pair of glasses before you get them was my main hold up (except for the lack of recent eye exam), but when my brother talks about a) something awesome, b) something extremely reasonably price and c) something he’d do again, it’s kind of hard to ignore.

However, if I wind up needing bifocals (since I’m so old, ya know!), I might have to reconsider. Because if I need bifocals, I’m totally going to Walgreen’s and getting the really ugly style of glasses with the fake pearl chains to wear around my neck. And then I’ll order my cool astigmatism glasses from Zenni. That sounds like a good compromise.

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