do you know generous people?

Pet Project Rescue is, as I’ve mentioned, having a silent auction next month and they are in need of…

Wait for it!

Silent auction items! If you work somewhere that could donate something or know someone that might be able to put us in touch with someone that, you know, knows some people, I’d really appreciate a quick comment or an email.

And so would the 10 animals PPR is rescuing tomorrow from owners that have just decided they want to try out a life with no animals. Really.


  1. 10 people just decided to give up their animals for no reason at all? Why do people think pets are disposable? It disgusts me.
    I don’t think I know any people that could make a donation…I’ll think about it and get back to you if I come up with anything!

  2. Oh, no. One person decided their 10 animals was too much for them. But yeah, either way, super annoying and frustrating. At least they’re better off!

    Although the two tiny baby puppies we’re fostering from this group are way too cute for their own good.

  3. what kind of donations are you looking for? I don’t live in the area, so would not be able to give any kind of services, but I do make hand-crocheted afghans etc that I donate for charity auctions (and I would mail to you.) email me if interested.

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