i’m 32 today!

Here’s a picture of me, exactly 31 years ago today:


Man, I was cute, huh? Even cuter? The gigantic metal high chair likely coated with led and my dad’s cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Don’t say anything bad about it either, because in 1979, that was completely okay.

I need to tell you kids in your mid-20s something. You’re going to like your thirties. When I was 25, I did not like the idea of turning the big 3-0, and, boy, was that dumb. My thirties have been filled with things that have truly helped me discover who I am and where I belong (in more than just a physical sense!) and you don’t really get that in your twenties.

And looking forward, I’m even more excited. More growth! More opportunities! 40 seems daunting right now, but at this rate, I’m pretty sure life just gets better and better. I’m assuming my cause of death will be because my body explodes from so much awesome.


What's up?