i didn’t like these commercials anyway

A few months ago, I started seeing this commercial on TV about Yaz, this new birth control method. Since I don’t really see any need in investing in birth control, I was nothing but irritated with the commercial. So much so, that anytime it came on, I just changed the channels. Oh, it was that bad. And recently, they started airing these new commercials about a yaz lawsuit, that clearly happened because they weren’t disclosing all of the side effects when people too the medication. Yes, of course, I feel horrible for the people that had side effects they weren’t expecting. But I can’t help but laugh every single time I see the same lady in these commercials talking about all the nasty side effects that can happen when you use YAZ in a 30 second commercial spot, considering she was the same lady that was in the commercials telling everyone to take Yaz, because it was so easy and so simple and blah blah blah. It makes me laugh. And that’s probably wrong.

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