the san juan of america!

One of my favorite places ever to visit was San Juan, Puerto Rico. I think it’s probably because it was the first place out of the continental U.S. I’d ever been and the first place where I’d ever been that a different language was spoken and the first place I’d ever been to Senor Frogs and the first time I’d ever watched the sun set of the ocean and the first time I’d ever used my passport… and you get the idea, right?

I did not know, until right now, that there was a San Juan in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps geography was never my strongest subject! And then I ran across Friday Harbor, which is where I’d totally stay if we were going to be visiting Washington anytime soon.


Friday Harbor hotels is kind of the most adorable thing ever. Seakayaking and whale-watching sound like two activities I could be down for with no problem at all. This website is full of a ton of information and I can’t really stop looking at all the options. Which is weird, because I have no plans in the immediate future to visit that area at all!

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