here’s the plan

Hypothetically speaking, say you have a really nice neighbor that lives downstairs. You’ve talked to him a few times and realized that he’s a really pleasant dude. You know he smokes weed every now and again, but you don’t really care, because he does it outside and it doesn’t bother anyone. But then all of a sudden, you come up and there’s a note on the front door that you share with said downstairs neighbor. The note says something along the lines of:

First Name:

You better have my money, [expletive]. I’ll be back at 7:30 to get it.

And then a few days later, the note-writer appears at the front door knocking for a good half hour, despite being told that your downstairs neighbor wasn’t at home.

Now you’re torn between the following options: call some rental trucks to haul his stuff out without him knowing it, call the cops next time the note-writing, door-knocking money-collecting guy comes to visit, call the landlord and just give him a heads up, or just confront the guy.

But first, you write a blog post about it, because you want some advice on what the most appropriate thing is to do. Any ideas? Suggestions? Experience yelling at neighbors that don’t pay their drug dealers?


  1. Willis

    Call the cops if the knocking dude comes back and won’t leave. otherwise, there’s not really anything else you can do.

  2. Chaely

    I’d talk to him (either in person or a written letter) and let him know that you don’t really care what he does normally but that you are concerned for your safety (+ the General + the kid) and that you’re not trying to be a dick but you WILL call the police the next time those shady types start showing up in the common area again.

    Plus most complexes (at least where I live) make you sign a 0-tolerance drug policy so I’m sure he would prefer to take his drug-buying off site than to have the manager alerted.

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