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Out of all the seasons of Survivor, I’m pretty sure I have only missed one season. It’s likely my all time favorite show and this season’s Heroes vs Villians isn’t letting me down at all. I’m two episodes behind right now and have managed to avoid spoilers. On Demand is aiding in my catch up efforts this evening.

How can you hate Boston Rob? His original season was the only one I missed, so I possibly missed some part of his deviousness. This dude can seriously play this game! I wanted him to win the last time he was on an All Star season, but I suppose falling in love is much more valuable than a million bucks, right? I’m pulling for him this season.

I’m still a huge fan of King Russell. Nothing could change that and nothing would make me happier than a Russell/Rob alliance. It’d possibly be the first finale where nobody got any votes at all towards the million.

I’m not sure why but the dynamics of the Villian tribe are so much more interesting to me.

The General is also a fan of Russell, but also likes Rupert to win it. He’s both good at the game and likeable, of course.

I really hope they keep Probst signed on for another 638 seasons. I could probably watch it that long as long as they didn’t have Coach on any future seasons. I just hate that dude a lot.

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