i have sink requirements

I’m full of posting wisdom lately. And by posting wisdom, I mean none at all.

Our landlord has provided us with a sink that’s somehow attached to the wall in a very non-sturdy fashion. It stays there, which is great, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t want to stay there. It might require some twisty ties and duct tape to get it to stay until we move. But I’m okay with that. That sink falling off the wall is the least of the drama going on at Casa de Fish Tacos.

If I were going to replace that wobbling bad boy, I’m open to any type of cheap porcelain sinks I can find. I’ve heard of these really good guys, australia plumbers; they install all type of things like showers, toilets, faucets and of course sinks. The shinier and more contemporary looking the better, in my opinion. And if there was a kind of sink that would automatically repel toothpaste and mouthwash right into the drain, I’d be in love, because I’m lazy and don’t like scrubbing out the sink every time I do some dental hygiene work. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

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