do you guys remember runescape cursors?

Is that what they’re even called or is that just a particular name brand of them? Because I ran across this site full of what they’re calling Runescape Cursors and they’re making me laugh super hard. They make me wonder what our IT Guy at work would think of suddenly he came over to my computer and saw an Anti Dragon Shield Cursor or a Torag Hammer Cursor floating around my screen instead of my trusty old white arrow? I don’t even really know what either an Anti Dragon Shield or a Torag Hammer are… Oh wait.

Some side-Googling tells me RuneScape is actually a game and it seems to be very similar to some Dungeons and Dragons action that I used to hear stories about when I lived in Sedalia and worked at a local pizza delivery restaurant. The manager would come in on Sunday mornings smelling like two days of body odor, having got maybe 15 minutes of sleep for the entire night, trying to tell me how he hooked up with an elf or whatever the heck happens when you play games like this. I just shook my head, nodded, and tried not to inhale.

Point being, I was getting this RuneScape Cursor site mixed up with something totally different, but now I want to make my cursor something like a duck-billed platypus. I’m sure it would keep me entertained for the most part of the morning tomorrow.

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  1. Whoa, you took down their site. Just clicked over to get a sweet Torag Hammer Cursor and they’re on a bandwidth exceeded error. Nice work.

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