weird songs that trigger memories – no. 2

Life In The Fast Laneby the Eagles: When I was in my early 20s, still living in Sedalia and with my parents, I worked for an ISP. And while it truly provided a great amount of learning and professional experience, the one thing I remember the most is the damn radio spot we had that I’m pretty sure lasted the entire 3ish years I was there. And back then, it was just a dial up connection, so the “Fast Lane” was a whopping 32.6K connection at best. 

Oddly enough, the only lyrics I could remember from that radio commercial were: Life in the fast lane / Surely make you lose your mind / Life in the fast lane. 

You now what lyrics I never knew were a part of that song until just this very second when I Googled the lyrics? Ones that include phrases like: “They were good in bed”, “They took all the right pills”, and “They didn’t care, they were just dying to get off”. None of which apply to an internet connection. 

*Pandora at work tends to make me remember things like this. Especially when we listen to Journey radio for three days straight. 

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