apparently i have a bad sim card

My phone’s been giving me this probably lately of somehow converting in SOS mode, where I can only call 911. While I appreciate being able to call someone in case of emergency, I also think the 911 dispatchers are tired of me calling just to chat. T-Mobile retail locations give me the heebie jeebies. I tried going to the one downtown a couple months ago about something, but they were too busy trying to oversell some poor old lady a phone she clearly did not need. It was taking two of the employees to convince her. Meanwhile, I, a current customer, had to stand and wait and witness the whole thing. I left and got Caribou Coffee instead.

So, yesterday, I logged on to their website in an attempt for some hot mess technical support chat. I don’t have time to deal with them on the phone while I’m working and since I’m on the phone all day at work, I don’t feel like dealing with it at night either. Chat for the win! Except here are some parts of it that weren’t so much a win:

_Alex R: How are you doing today, Wendy? 
Wendy: Fine. 
_Alex R: I am glad to hear you are doing well today, Wendy. 
_Alex R: I have read over your account and I do want to thank you for being a valued T-Mobile customer since 2004! 
Wendy: Ok. 
_Alex R: I also did have a quick question for you today if you don’t mind? 
Wendy: Sure. 
_Alex R: Have you by chance heard about any of our new and exciting Rate Plans? 
Wendy: Are you serious? 

He was sidestepping my technical problem to SELL ME A DIFFERENT RATE PLAN. HULK SMASH.

_Alex R: Do you by chance have a new SIM card that you can test in your phone? 
Wendy Berry: No, I don’t. I normally don’t have a spare SIM card laying around. 
_Alex R: Do you have a SIM card from another phone nearby? 
Wendy Berry: No.

C’MON. I guess I could have asked one of my co-workers to let me borrow their SIM card, but then someone would have caught on that I wasn’t using the internet for work-related purposes.

The end result is — wait for it — going to a T-Mobile retail location to get a new SIM card, since mine is under warranty. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably my phone.

I’m going to check into their whole new and exciting rate plans, but for some reason T-Mobile doesn’t cater so well to my demographic: two grown ass adults who don’t talk more than 300 minutes on their phone and just want to use it for texting and web stuff, and a 12 year old who only uses the phone a couple of days a week to text his mom, his dad, and his Wendy. They never seem to have a plan for that.

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