now i have to sew on a button

For Christmas, I had added My Fitness Coach to my wish list to my parents and was wound up with it wrapped up under the tree. The Wii Fit coaches weren’t hacking it for me, mainly because I was kinda bored with them. I bought Wii Fit Plus a while back, but hadn’t given it much effort. Or any effort at all beyond watching The Kid use it. So, here I am with these two video games that should be right up my alley, because I can hang out in my living room wearing nothing but my skivvies if I want, and work my butt off. Except guess what? I haven’t done it in a long time. I’m pretty sure when I fire the Wii Fit up again, it’s going to reach through the TV and punch me in the throat while spewing obscenities about my mother. 

I signed up for Spark People yesterday, not with the intention of it helping me lose weight, get healthy, whatever, but to make more aware of what I’m eating on a regular basis without putting myself into starvation mode. Except last night I had four vodka lemonades, a chocolate cake (the shot, not the cake, but that kinda sounds good, too…), and a half a shot of jag that I’m refusing to enter into SparkPeople, because I’m scared it’s going to ask me to join some alcoholic support group based on one night of pre-WWE Monday Night Raw drinks. (More on that once I edit some pictures!)

So, yeah. I’m intentionally 12 days late on posting this as a resolution, so I’m just calling it a self kick in the ass that was somewhat inspired by the button that just popped off my Grown Up Lady Business Pants when I sat down at my desk. Drinking regular soda, eating kinda crappy, not exercising much, only drinking water when I take my fish oil pills, mixing meth in the basement, sleeping with hookers regularly — these are all things I should really tone down, ya know? Some of the easy, some of them not so much. I can’t do them all at once, but I can make little changes every day and that’s about all I’m “resolving” to do. 

I can’t make any promises on the meth. Or the hookers. 


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