gold bullions for everyone

There are several things I know little to nothing about and one of those things is gold. The only thing I know about gold is what I’ve learned from the people on the Cash 4 Gold commercials and those people are just downright scary. I don’t own any gold that I’m looking to get rid of, but it’s definitely interesting to get some ideas about buy gold prices. Mainly, in case I get super broke with these new car payments, I’m going to drive around and steal gold accessories off of cars, where they don’t belong and sell them! (See how I plan out my financial future?)

I don’t know anything about coins either, except that I’m saving them in a glass antique cider just I got from my grandma’s last week. And really, even after attempting to read about the way buying gold and silver and all the related bullions* that go along with it, I’m still not sure I get the whole thing. It definitely looks like it’s a profitable industry … for the right person that has some extra gold laying around.

Do people actually have extra gold laying around? The only extra things I have laying around are mismatched socks and half-chewed dog toys.

*Bullions is one of my new favorite words and I think we should bring that back somehow.

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  1. I have a bunch of gold jewelry that was purchased from jewelry stores a decade.5 ago when I was a married, name-clothes, diamond loving, fashion whore, gold-wearing diva.

    For over a year I’ve thought about doing a cash for gold … not through a TV ad … but one of the new local jewelry store owners.

    Even though I don’t wear it anymore, I am afraid that the new store owner is going to give me a pittance for the pile and run all of the way to the bank with it. I would then want to punch someone in the face that I gave something I paid so much for to someone so worthless.

    I did think about getting it all redesigned into some new piece I can wear … then I realize that I haven’t worn jewelry in the past 6 years.

    I know that my best bet is to get rid of it in a non-stressful manner so that I don’t think about it anymore. I volunteer at the Salvation Army lunch tomorrow and have to go pay my fee at the animal shelter so I can get my spoiled brats into obedience school on Monday.

    Thanks for posting this because I hope what they find in their drop boxes reap them rewards … because I will quit thinking about it.

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