reggie miller: the homewrecker with saucer ears

Between freelancing and reading random articles on Wiki-wiki-wiki-pedia (I say it like that, too), I tend to learn a lot of random crapola that eventually has me following link after link to some random site about something I’ve never even heard about. And this is where I learned about quite possibly one of the funniest things of all time involving Reggie Miller.

Alex Von Furstenberg has this fiancé, right? Somehow Furstenburg finds out that his fiance has sent seXXXXXy (I just like to type it that way) pictures of herself to Reggie Miller. The fiance claims it was to get an athlete’s opinion (right.) on her body. Frustenburg calls BS on this one and rents a plane to fly over Malibu and various other southern California beaches carrying a banner that reads “Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women”. I personally am a big fan of the humiliation attempt here, but if those giant ears of Reggie Miller’s aren’t going to slow him down from hitting on the already committed ladies, I don’t think a little overhead flyby is going to do much either.

There was some good ol’ fashioned text messaging harassment and a restraining order thrown in for good measure, but once an airplane gets involved, I’m pretty sure all that’s null and void.

I’m considering doing the same, except maybe having it say “Reggie Miller: Your sister is better than you.” and seeing how he likes that one.

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