my favorite t-shirt site ever

(Note: Nobody is paying me to write this post. Sure, sometimes people do, but this is honestly my favorite site to order t-shirts from right now and I wanted to share.)

It is no secret to anyone I know that I love me some t-shirts. The General has been on me since we met to pare down my t-shirt collection and I absolutely should and absolutely have. It’s just hard, because you never know when there might be an appropriate time to wear that t-shirt I have with a piñata that says “I’d Hit That” or a t-shirt that has a picture of a dude driving the steering wheel of a boat that says “I’m Your Captain”. See how necessary my t-shirt collection is?

I’ve been trying not to add too much to it. Five days a week, I’m regulated to business casual/professional and oddly enough, business casual doesn’t really include witty t-shirts. I’m not sure why. I know if I had my own business, I’d totally be all, “Hey, guys! Tomorrow is Wear a T-Shirt from your Favorite Late 1980s/Early 1990s Morning TV Show Day!” (See how I worked that out, so I could wear my Bayside Tigers t-shirt?)

In any case, CrazyDogTShirts started following me on Twitter one day. Normally I hate marketing attempts like that, but when there are t-shirts involved, I’m totally making some sort of an exception. Every damn time. Even better? They have a contest every Monday where they pick a random follower and you win a t-shirt. That’s a contest I can stand behind! Soon enough, I won!

I had the extremely daunting choice of trying to pick one damn t-shirt from their collections of probably hundreds. There were at least 29 I wanted, but there’s that whole thing with The General wanting me to throw out five old t-shirts for every new t-shirt I get. And while I totally get the logic behind that, I’m just not ready to part with my two different orange Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts. I might need those for something one day.

I finally decided on the aforementioned Bayside Tigers shirt. (That picture is totally me, by the way.) Who wouldn’t want one of those? And not to get all review like and everything, but my t-shirt is one of the best ones I’ve ever gotten online. Aside from the fact that I could join Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle and the gang at the Max and totally fit in, the shirt from T-Shirt Box Bouremouth is incredibly good quality and it’s not all itchy and scratchy like a lot of the shirts I’ve ordered online.

They’re always running awesome specials, too. Right now, you get shipping for 99 cents if you order 3 shirts. There’s always one shirt they’re selling for $6.99 every day and they have a whole selection of $9 shirts, too.

This is my ringing (and non-sponsored, I swear!) endorsement!

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