the things about facebook, part 2

Similar to my earlier research (posted in: the things about facebook), I’ve decided that I’m growing more and more disappointed and irritated with the people of my youth.

First off, let me just say that I’m okay with typos. Everyone does it. I do it. And when I do it, I rarely go back and fix it. I’m probably lazy that way. But there are really no excuses at all for the following:

  • A guy I used to work with back in Sedalia ended up going to school after I moved away. He went to a “comunity collage“. Did they not enforce spelling at all at that comunity collage, Jimmy boy?
  • This from a guy I’ve known since 5th grade: “santa dont got nothin on us men in brown“. Dude. I understand you’re a UPS driver, but c’mon. We had English together in high school. I know you got the same education as I did up until 12th grade. The college degree you have listed on your Facebook profile sort of infuriates me! (Same dude also said he was “amune” to something.)
  • Best comment ever that I found on a friend’s photo: “I love it too funny too bad you werent drunk with us!!! shouldve pumped and dumped lmao“. What does that even MEAN? I mean, I know what it means, but really? Really?

Here’s the sad thing about all of it. It’s not like I tried to find stupid shit about these people. They’ve either requested to connect with me on the popular social networking site known as Book Face or I just happened to look into their profile a bit more because, for the love of Mel Gibson, I just wanted to find out what they’d been up to.

I’m judging. I know. I just can’t help it. You’re all welcome to judge me, too. I’m totally down with that.


  1. I have made it abundantly clear to my friends and family that I will hide anyone who writes too poorly or whose writing annoys me. Thus, half of my family has been hidden.

    I have some teenage cousins who love to write like this:
    Goingg to thee boyfrans, thenn to tanningg, textt meh!!!!

    What is that nonsense?

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