my new favorite game

We just had a “staff meeting”, which included playing games and eating pizza from Stadium Pizza (the new pizza place that replace a porn store a few blocks down the street). Someone brought in Apples to Apples and holy crap. Seriously the best game ever. I’ve been asking for the game for Christmas for the last two years, but haven’t gotten it. If it’s not under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, I’m totally buying it myself.

Go play it right now! Hell, go buy it right now!

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  1. I LOVE that game. Seriously. We played one night last year with my cousins and my cousin’s boyfriend was insisting that he was going to win that round, and I ended up with the AIDS card (for something like, snuggly as an adjective, or something equally as funny). I totally won that round.

  2. Michele

    Ha! I played this for the first time last weekend! Love it! Also, before last weekend, I hadn’t heard anything much about it, now I’ve read about it in like three different blogs today!

    Happy New Year!

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