my favorite is still the spitball

When Stephanie and I went to Chicago a few years ago, we were determined to visit ESPNZone. We didn’t get around to it until our last day there, but despite her probably broken tail bone and my chipped vertebrae and jacked up right rotator cuff that I’d encountered a few days before we left (thanks to the great car accident of 06), we managed to get there and were way keyed up to play every sports game known to man. It didn’t really happen that way, though.

I’m pretty sure I spent all of my time playing pop-a-shot (because it’s my favorite game of all-time) and Stephanie was playing the hockey version of pop-a-shot… slap-a-puck? Before we left, I had to give it my best go and imitating my favorite Twins pitcher (at the time), Johan Santana, in the pitching game that they had. How convenient that I was in Chicago and got to pretend I was pitching against my arch nemesis A.J. Pierzynski. While I would have rather just thrown the ball at his head, I decided to throw it has hard as I could as close to the strike zone as I could get it. The sad part of this story? I don’t think it went much past 35 mph. I’m clearly cut out for slow pitch softball.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking that I need a baseball radar gun to see how much I can improve the ol’ pitching speed. That’s completely logical, right?

And if it doubled as a radar gun I could use on cars, I’d totally spend my weekends in my front yard clocking all the jerks that come flying down our side street. It’s two blocks long. There are stop signs on both ends! What’s the point of trying to speed down it that fast?

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