family night at the (not really a) bar

Tonight, mi familia and I had a date involving dropping off Christmas donations and hamburgers full of molten lava cheese, thanks to the fine folks at Matt’s Bar.

Jenni, Matt, Stephanie and I had adopted a family via The Aliveness Project. Since Jenni and Matt are somewhere in the Southern Caribbean right now, I volunteered to drop it off tonight. The General and I decided to take The Kid with and just give him a chance to see what happens when a ton of people get together to help others. He’s so damn hard to read sometimes, I have no idea what he really thought about the whole thing. Seeing a back room that’s stacked to the ceiling full of donated Christmas gifts is always a feel-good type of vision, so I hope he was able to at least take a little bit away from it.

Following the do-good portion of the evening, we decided to have dinner at Matt’s Bar. We figured taking a 12 year old to a bar was the appropriate thing to do after exposing him to charity, right? (FYI, it’s not really a bar. It’s a restaurant that has bar in the name.) Dinner was just like it always is at Matt’s — greasy and delicious.

And then, before he went to bed, I gave him ten minutes to write what he liked or didn’t like at Matt’s Bar. I present to you a 12 year old’s review on his dining experience tonight. (Keep in mind, he probably would have went on and on had I not limited his time.)

I liked the Juicy Lucy because it had the cheese inside like a volcano!!! The fries were kinda boring and flavorless. The cheese was AWESOMAZINGLY DELICOUS!!!!! I wonder what kind it was. I always forget how little amount of sprite is in the can. This often leads me to drinking it all right away. The restaurant was very nice and small. This was cool because it made me feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Clearly, you should all go visit. And, since it was his first time jumping on the Jucy (Juicy) Lucy bandwagon, so we took pictures.

Matt's Bar
The sign says hamburgers, but I think if you ordered just a hamburger while at Matt's, the jukebox would stop playing, the waitress would drop your can of Coke, and everyone would stop and stare at you.
Amelia at Matt's Bar
I love Matt's because they give you a can of soda. Oooh, and a bendy straw. WIN.
Wendy at Matt's Bar
Taken by The General in my fancy new Old Navy sweater, yay for $12 v-neck sweater sales!
Ketchup at Matt's Bar
Ketchup at Matt's Bar! With pre-teen bokeh!
Ash at Matt's Bar
The Kid at Matt's Bar! He wanted to take his own pictures and I wasn't about to argue. I'm all about fostering creativity... or something like that!
FOOD at Matt's Bar
DINNER. A Jucy Lucy (or is it Juicy Lucy??) at it's very finest. And now that's all in my belly. And coating the inside of my arteries. BUT I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.

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