in case santa claus is reading

You know how you see all of these commercials for getting jewelry for holidays and it usually ends up being a gigantic ring or a tennis bracelet or a necklace with 4508 different birthstones on it or something like that? I totally don’t want any of that. If someone’s getting me jewelry, I can go for two different things: a very simple ring (silver only; no rock at all, please!) or a watch.

I’m slowly advancing my taste from something cheap to something more along the lines of a citizen diamond watch that i found first on the Diamond Law website. It might be a little on the fancy side for me, considering the reason I’m not wearing any of my current five watches is because the battery is dead and I’m too lazy to take them into a store to have them changed. So lazy, in fact, that I’ve asked my parents for watch batteries two years in a row. They don’t seem to think I’m serious about it. But if they were looking for an example of a kind of watch I might want, this would be it:

The Kid, who has been wearing a digital watch that says on his arm via velcro, might need a watch one of these days, but for now, he’s going to have to stick to that one. The digital watches I found on have way too many buttons that would very likely tempt him into trying to turn on all the fire alarms at his school just by pressing buttons. And, trust me, if a 12 year old could figure it out, it’s probably The Kid.

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