first league season in the books

Team Vaya con Dias, Bras took home 8th place in our 16 team league tonight. Had we not been matched up against a foursome of 40+ crybabies that had to have a half hour smoke brake between each game and couldn’t stand the fact that girls were beating them, my blood pressure probably wouldn’t have shot through the roof and I might have been able to bowl better. But in any case, our 8th place finish still warranted us a cool $116, plus another $20 to split between the four of us for racking up the 3rd highest handicap series.

Our league took place at Memory Lanes and I honestly don’t have a single complaint about them. The staff was incredibly friendly, they always had an appropriate amount of staff on hand, they had great specials for people in the league ($5 for your first pitcher of beer and $5 for a large one topping pizza!), and they just had everything extremely organized. I was very, very pleased and am excited to start back up again in January with another league and a slightly altered team.

However, it Team Four Giant Douchebags is on our league again, I’m going to have to heavily medicate myself before bowling head to head against those guys. And by medicate, I mean just not go. Because, dude, don’t call me “girl” and don’t bitch about losing the The General.  And then please, for the love of God, get really pissed when I only throw one practice ball and it happens to be a strike. So, Jerry and D.J. and Kumquat and Tank (or whatever your names were/are), I really look forward to bowling against your homophobic stupid asses again in a fee weeks.

But really? Overall for Memory Lanes? A+++++++++++. Would do business with again. Lightning fast shipping.

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