he’s still a ridiculously talented golfer

Guys, I’d like to talk to you all about this whole Tiger Woods thing.


The short version of what I want to say? Who the fuck cares. No, it’s not right that he’s slapping uglies with ladies all over the world (just wait until the one dude he blew talks to the media) especially while he’s married. But are we really surprised?


Think about some of the greatest athletic talents in the last 10-15 years, will ya?


Michael Jordan. Greatest basketball player of all time. Divorced because of his extramarital shenanigans.


Magic Johnson. One of the greatest playmakers to ever play in the NBA. Slept with so many women during his time with the Lakers that he probably lost track and wound up contracting HIV because of it. Married the whole time.


Billie Jean King. Slept around with her secretary while she was married and busy being one of the greatest female tennis players of all time.


Alex Rodriguez. Screwing around with Madonna and “exotic dancers” while consistently being an MVP caliber player (and a douche bag) for the Yankees.


Steve McNair. He was killed by his mistress/exotic dancer earlier this year and it wasn’t the first time in his NFL-playing, MVP-award winning career that he’d slept around on his wife.


Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?


Does being a famous athlete make cheating on your better half right? No, no it doesn’t. Not at all. Everyone under the sun has held Tiger Woods up like that scene in Lion King where the dad lion (what’s his name? Frank?) holds Simba up into the sky and the sun rays beam down on him and some Elton John-composed song starts playing in the background. And now he makes a mistake and now the whole world is condemning him.


Is anyone really that surprised?

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  1. It doesn’t surprise me at all. The responses to media being that “this is racist” makes me laugh. My honey (half black and 1/4 more than Tiger) said it best when he said “He went shopping for dumb, crazy-ass bitches. The appear in all races.”

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