this isn’t begging; it’s just whining

For a few months now, I’ve been deeply (and I do mean deeply) coveting an Apple iPod touch. I know it seem a bit much, but do you know how old my current iPod is? I bought it when I lived with The Roommates, so it’s around four or five years old. I don’t even know what a new iPod looks like on the screen, but mine’s all gray and boring. It’s so hold the clicker thing at the bottom is ROTARY. (Possibly not true.)

I’ve been looking at Apple’s website a lot, thinking maybe one day they’ll just all of a sudden drop the prices to $25 or something like that, but to no avail. I just realize that my iPod (Generation -525, I’m sure) holds 15GB or maybe even 10GB. I don’t know. When I bought my last iPod-related item, it was an iPod shuffle. It hung around your neck by a string and it was white. There was none of this fancy multi-color, clip onto your shirt, and even comes in stainless steel type of shuffle.

The only time, and I do mean absolute only time, I miss working two jobs (the Sales Monkey job at the software company and the part time gig at Best Buy) was the ridiculous amounts of expendable income (and employee discount!) I had. It made not getting left behind in the technology dirt so much easier.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling generous, I would absolutely not complain if you wanted to order an iPod touch for me. I’ll gladly take the 8GB version and provide you with this handy link to my Amazon wishlist.

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