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This afternoon, The General and I joined my hometown friend Angie in her first ever shopping trip at IKEA. She was in town for some type of leadership conference involving some of her high school students and I was very excited to see her and go shopping at my absolute favorite store of all time. If there’s one thing I can tell IKEA virgins, it’s that you’ll either love the store or you’ll hate it. I’ve never met someone that kinda only likes it a little bit.

As we were browsing through everything in their inventory (oh, you crazy Swedes), it became very apparent once again that The General and I have completely opposing tastes in pretty much everything when it comes to home decor. I’m more a fan of the bold colors and defined shapes; The General prefers things to be more fluid and subtle. Blues and greens and reds are perfect for me while The General would rather have our house decorated completely in neutral or muted tones.

I’m all for really deep stainless steel kitchen sinks, especially the ones they have at MR Direct. Holy selections!  The General? Probably more of a fan of the porcelain vessel-type sink. Those scares me because when I do dishes, I tend to forget I have large, sharp knifes in the sink and I don’t think those knives would have any effect on the inside of a stainless steel sink. Porcelain, on the other hand, makes me think I might crack it from top to bottom. Much like we did a porcelain-type bowl the other night when I poured hot bacon grease in it. Oops.

It’s a good thing we do a good job of compromising, otherwise this whole relationship could have very well ended right in the bedding section of IKEA today.

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