dark chocolate benefits for pregnancy

Living with a doula/budding midwife, I hear a lot of things about pregnancy and birthing that I never really ever expected to learn. Ever. I’ve heard more about what people do with placentas then I ever could have imagined and I’m still uncomfortable with some of the things people resort to doing with a leftover body part. Or whatever it is.

Dr. Elizabeth Triche of Yale University studied 2000+ pregnant ladies to find out how much chocolate they ate during which trimester and then tested a whole bunch of blood from the umbilical cords to figure some things out. Turns out, according to Case Study: Pelvic Pain and Congestion in a Post-menopausal Female, about 70% were less likely to wind up with high blood pressure while they were pregnant. Yay for chocolate!

This is yet another reason I shouldn’t ever give birth. I don’t like dark chocolate. Give me a Kit Kat any old day and it better not be the dark chocolate kind. If I was going to buy a pregnant mama some dark chocolates, I’d probably need a little help picking out what was actually good, so I’m glad there are sites that offer an awesome selection of dark chocolate for pregnancy needs. It also kind of eliminates the reason to have to fight through the crowds at the Mall of America for some fancy Godiva stuff, too.

I seriously feel like I’m a doula apprentice or something with all the information that I end up learning. It helps me overlook the fact that there’s a speculum sitting on my kitchen table. (Not kidding.)

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