streak for the cash for 11/13/09

I had a good day yesterday, going 5-1 throughout the day and bringing my wins for just the month of November to 26. The leader this month has 43. I have a little bit of improving to do.

Current Streak: W1 Overall record: 194-176-11 (.524)

Steve Lowery (USA) – Win or Tie: Golf is random for me. I did really well with it yesterday; today may be a different story. (So, I got the big red L on this one while I was updating the post. Not off to a good start today!)

Cameron Beckman (USA) – Win or Tie: Here’s the thing. I don’t feel like doing my research this morning, so I’m picking the Tie options as my fallback. And then what I struggle with is how long it’s going to take the foursome that contains Cameron Beckman (Briny Biard) to finish their 9 holes.

Bangor City Win: I spent three minutes researching this. Bangor City just seems to be a more higher scoring team. Or something. Random research. Really.

UAB Blazers: Why? Because a university in Green Bay, Wisconsin has a mascot called the Phoenix and that just confuses me.

New York Knicks: They’re playing at home against a team that’s not much better than them. Knicks are hard to beat at MSG.

Denver Nuggets: I’m second guessing myself on this one already. I’m sure ‘Melo will kick Kobe’s ass, though. It’s just the rest of the team that I have no idea on how they’ll perform!

If you feel like joining in on the pick ’em fun, it’s definitely not too late! You don’t obviously have to as obsessive about it as me, but it’s a nice distraction and it helps you learn about new sports! Here’s the link and let me know if you sign up. I’ll give you the password to join Stankford J.’s Streakin’ Group, which is clearly where all the cool kids are.

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