streak for the cash III

If you get the most wins in one month when playing Streak for the Cash, you win $2500. Seriously. Just for picking winners of games, matches, races, etc. It’s kind of awesome. However. Last month, the guy who won ended up winning picked 80 right. FOR ONE MONTH. It’s insane.

In any case, I’m not off to all that stellar of a start this month, being 17-18-1 (.486). The monthly leader right now has 35 wins. I’ve clearly got some improving to do.

Current Streak: W3 (Yesterday was a good day.)

3 Goals or More – Based on an absolute random guess. I know it’s not the best way to pick things, but the scoring history of both the Ireland and Iran teams’ latest games seemed to lean towards a somewhat high scoring affair. (Even though it’s 0-0 almost all the way through the first half…)

Accrington Stanley – Why wouldn’t you pick a name like Accrington Stanley? They’re playing a Bury. I can’t pick a team named Bury over anything. Plus, Accrington Stanley won 2-0 last time they met.

3 Goals or Fewer – Uh. Random again? Also going based off of the game that’s being played right now where no goal has been scored? Clearly I have some more thorough soccer research to do if I’m going to be winning the monthly prize, like, ever.

Pittsburgh Penguins – Uh, Sidney Crosby. What else?

Oklahoma City Thunder – Not sure if the Penguins/Bruins game will end by this one, but the Kings are a steaming pile of poop, so I have to pick an Oklahoma team that I constantly forget even exists.

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