meet elsa! (and adopt her, too!)

Meet Elsa:


I know, right? I’ll wait for you to stop gushing and showing all your friends her picture.

She just flew up from Mexico a little over a week ago with the organization that we foster for, Pet Project Rescue. Her owners moved out of their home, leaving Elsa, her mom, and her two siblings to fend for themselves. Elsa’s about 12 weeks old and very, very sweet.

She’s getting the hang of this whole house-living versus street-living thing, caught on to potty-training extremely fast, and doesn’t even bat an eye when it comes to being around other dogs. Her first adoption day was on Halloween; I have a feeling she won’t last long.

Since she’s been herea little over a week, her favorite thing seems to be hiding things in her kennel. She absolutely loves her kennel and hangs out in there on a regular basis. Last night before putting her to bed, I had to pull out a shoe, five stuffed animals (they’re cheap dog toys when you get them from the thrift store!), and a sock. Like The Boy’s dad said, Elsa wasn’t used to having stuff when she lived in Mexico, so she’s pretty excited about all the things she gets here.

Elsa will probably only be around 30 pounds when she’s fully grown. She already knows how to sit and comes back to you when she’s told. She’s pretty darn near potty trained, and will either go outside as soon as you put her down or on the puppy pad. It’s possible she’s chewed holes in two pairs of my jeans, but I’m okay with that because I needed new jeans anyway.

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