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$99 Best Buy gizmo lets parents track their kids
Richfield-based Best Buy is selling under its house brand a tracking device being marketed to parents who want to keep tabs on their kids.

The Little Buddy Child Tracker, $99 plus shipping, “fits easily into a backpack, lunchbox or other receptacle … so you can check on his or her location at any time using a smartphone or computer.”

Specifically, the item’s web page says, the device allows parents to establish exact times and locations where their child is supposed to be and then alerting Mom or Dad with a text message if the child leaves the designated area in that time.

Online buyers are finding that the item is on back order, suggesting that Little Buddy’s popularity is outstripping supply.

I’m gonna buy about 2801 of these and strategically place them on other people.

That girl that I always end up next to at a hip hop show at First Ave who insists on bringing her luggage to the show and ramming into my back regularly? I’m gonna put one in her purse and then I’m gonna follow her everywhere and make her feel really, really creepy.

I might attach one to Riley’s collar, so when he’s roaming around in the house all by himself and thinks it’s time to get on top of the kitchen counter for a treat of peanut butter, I’ll know about it.

I might also attach one permanently to The Kid’s ear lobe. That way when we’re gone and he’s supposed to take the dogs out, we can tell when he actually moves off the couch and does his assigned chore. The idea of being able to show him that we know he spent three hours parked in front of Food Network Challenge episodes is very appealing.

Man, this is a horrible idea. I really understand the idea of it. But it’s so damn creepy! “The Little Buddy Child Tracker” just sounds like a device that’s begging to be bought by those almost-Level 3 sex offenders that are just waiting for something easy like this to track little kids ‘locations.

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