Top 10 Worst Lifetime Original Movies

Top 10 Worst Lifetime Original Movies

The title might be inaccurate, because if you’re anything like me then the more terrible the movie, the more I love it…when it comes to Lifetime Original Movies.  Give me a bad soundtrack, overacting and horrible cinematography and I’m a happy camper.


Know what makes me sad? The fact that, despite watching the Lifetime TV Movie Network every night before we go to bed, I have yet to see any of these movies. Out of all the channels we pay for (like 45678 or so), we’re extremely hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t have infomercials at some point during the night. And I don’t know what it is about infomercials, but if I wake up to Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger and Christie Brinkley teaming up to sell the damn TOTAL GYM, I really can’t handle it.

So we watch douche movies. Not in the douchebag sense really, but in the honest-to-goodness douche-sense thanks to all the damn feminine care commercials they play during the movies.

Watching these movies means that sometimes you wake up to weird things. Just a couple of weeks ago, the alarm went off at 6:30ish and the TV was still on from the night before. I was content with snoozing the alarm and going back to bed. I was nearly asleep again when The General woke me up saying something along these lines: “Balki Bartokomous is in a field playing the cello”. I was convinced it was a bad dream. But no. That’s what was on the TV.

But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t listed in one of these top 10 Lifetime TV Movies, which means there are ten more movies MORE HORRIBLE THAN THAT.

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