thousands of dollars in small appliances

Now I know we don’t own our current residence, which prohibits anything past just thinking about it, but two of my favorite co-workers have either bought a house or just had an offer accepted on a house (as of today), and looking at pictures of new kitchens is something I’m currently obsessed with. Nope, I don’t do a lot of cooking at all. And really, macaroni and cheese or bacon can all be done over just about any heat-producing thing. But there’s just something about a kitchen with an island in it or brand new countertops that I really love a lot.

So if we actually had a place to live that would allow something like a gigantic kitchen makeover, I’d be all over any contest that was giving away a $32,000 Dream Kitchen, especially knowing that second place is a brand new ‘fridge. Even better? It’s stocked with chicken and I love chicken a lot. I don’t know how to make it, but I suppose I could cook it on the George Foreman for the next three weeks before I got completely tired of it. See, again with the not so fancy kitchen appliance repair rancho cucamonga ca… I can’t even imagine what a fat 32K could bring into the kitchen.

I’d probably buy five George Foremans (because I really hate cleaning them!), a toaster that cooks bagels, a pub-style table, and a really awesome hot dog cooker. I don’t really know what else a person would need to be quite honest.


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  1. But it’s only for those in Canada!!! I wanna win HERE! LOL I got half way through the registration before I had to go back and find the *actual* rules and regs to know that I had to live and be from Canada!

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