i’ve got my eye on you, h1n1

My new favorite show on TLC (The Learning Channel, obviously, because I learn SO much from it) is Police Women of Broward County. Shut up. It’s awesome. I love watching some little 5’3″ police lady chase down some trashy thug and then bragging to all the dude cops around her that she got to him first.

The Child just says, as he’s watching it with us which we normally don’t let him do: “Why is it that all of the drug dealers have the same color underwear on this show?” And he’s right. They do all wear the blue plaid boxers that stuck up above their pants.

Also The Child has the flu: fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, fatigue, no energy to do anything but lay in bed all day and read Sims Strategy Guides, even though he’s never played the actual PC version.

And you know damn good and well I’m on Swine Flu watch. Sometimes I hate the internet and it’s diagnosing of things.

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