i’m so behind

There was a day where I spent my mornings watching Sports Center the whole time I got ready for work. It usually meant watching the exact same episode over and over, but it was important that I stay on top of things. That’s changed quite a bit and now I fall behind on important things, like the inductees into the 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame: Michael Jordan, David Robinson, John Stockton, Vivian Stringer, Jerry Sloan.

Michael Jordan: There wasn’t a Chicago Bulls game on TV I didn’t miss from 1991-1998, even when they tried to play Pete Myers as a replacement for him at shooting guard. Living in Missouri, I watched the majority of those games on WGN, where Johnny Kerr (RIP, RED!) got powder dust in his face right before every game. I know everyone loves Jordan, but I really loved watching him play. He was always so focused and driven every minute he was in the game.

David Robinson: I hated this dude when he was playing. I always thought he was arrogant and cocky and was so glad when the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan, because I was sure that was the end of The Admiral. Not the case. They played together and they were awesome. But if it weren’t for David Robinson, the Spurs never would have been such a contender prior to the Duncan/Parker days. I mean, Vinny Del Negro running the point and Moses Malone still playing at 40 years old? How is that ever a good idea?

John Stockton: I hated Stockton more than I hated Robinson. I think it was because his shorts always went so far up his ass while all of the other players had finally moved past the short-shorts. He was the quickest little white guy I’d ever seen play the game and I hated that he was better on defense than Jordan.

Jerry Sloan:
I almost peed my pants this season when I went to a Wolves game and noticed Sloan was still coaching. Without Karl Malone and Stockton running the floor for him, he’s continued to make his team a perennial powerhouse. Gotta love that about a dude who’s been coaching the same team since 1988.

Vivian Stringer: I really hope the C before her name stands for Coach. In any case, she’s one of those fantastic coaches that nobody ever hears about or reads about because she’s coaching women’s basketball. Never mind the fact that she’s doing a phenomenal job at coaching women’s basketball.

Congratulations to all of the inductees. And I’m still holding out that Johnny “Red” Kerr will make it in next year since he didn’t quite make the cut this year.

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