i know it’s an obsession

Jenni and Matt had been talking about ESPN’s Streak for the Cash forever, but becauase my internet time has severely diminished between a job that actually keeps me busy (and one I love) and The General that also keeps me busy (and another one I love), I kind of put it in the back of my mind. And then sometime last month, I got hooked on it. Badly.

Early in my random sports-picking days (again, we’re talking last month), I wound up with a streak of 12. TWELVE. I was justaboutthisclose to moving to Vegas and setting up shop at The Sports Book. Or whatever that place is called that I would end up losing my entire $27 savings account, especially if I started picking all-day long cricket matches like I did sometime last week. Bad idea.

Over the last week, I haven’t been able to get my streak over two, which made me cry a little. But now I’m feeling it – I’m back on a roll with a streak of 4 – only 9 more until I can get my free ESPN the Streak t-shirt (or other ESPN-related prizes associated with this contest).

Today, I wound picking the following to get myself rolling again:

  • A qualifying match in the UEFA Europa League, where I picked FC Vaslui to win (or a draw in the match): Final Score: 1-1
  • UEFA Champions League’ Qualifying 3rd Round, where I chose Sporting Lisbon over Twente Enschede: Final Score: 1-0 (and you don’t want to know my logic on picking the winner of that one).
  • WNBA’s New York Liberty vs. Detroit Shock – I took the under, guessing that combined the teams would score less than 147: Final Score: 76-64 Shock
  • I decided there’s be more than 1 HR hit in innings 4-6 between the Braves and Padres: Last I looked, I think they were up to 2.

As much as I love the picking who’s going to win matchups, I’m starting to get a kick out of picking over-unders and whatever stuff like that is called in the betting world. There’s hardly any logic to it, plus it helps me get back up to speed on all the sports I’ve been missing out on the last couple of years.

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