i’m gonna need a big box

Jenni brought a contest/challenge type thing to my attention last week and I couldn’t really say no to it: 5 A Day to Keep the Clutter Away. Here are the guidelines straight from the website:

  • Find 5 things a day that you can get rid of. Size doesn’t matter. It could be a spoonrest or an entire wardrobe.
  • Put them in a box/bag/bin in an out of the way area (your garage, laundry room, a closet)
  • At the end of each week or the month depending on your storage space, trash, give away or donate all the items
  • If you find something that indeed is sale-worthy you have the month to sell it. If by the end of August it’s still in your box, it goes, and you get a nice tax write-off.

Five things a day is a lot, considering I do’nt throw anything away ever. Just ask my friends who’ve had to help me move multiple times in the past five years. And, really, I didn’t need the seven shirts, two pair of shoes, and small black fan that found its way out the door today.

In other breaking news, some Mormon dude is harassing me on Twitter because I made a comment via Twitter yesterday about carrying a Book of Mormon in my back pocket as a defense for the two Mormon boys that were riding up and down the street, following little old ladies that were just trying to take a walk. The dude’s just lucky I didn’t try throwing the Book of Mormon at the kids as they rode past my car window. That was The General’s idea. Not mine.


  1. Thanks for sharing and participating in the challenge!

    I know it’s hard to get rid of stuff, but I’m sure you can find things that are past expiration date, broken, or just totally unloved.

    Good luck!

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