facebook still makes me laugh

Not because I’m addicted to shit like Mafia Wars and some damn game called Happy Farm that The General got me hooked on, but because of the people that I’ve added as my “friends”.

Recent additions include:

  • My high school principal. Haven’t seen the dude in 12 years, but he requested to add me. How could I say no?
  • A dude I used to work with at my work that had breath that smelled about the same as a dead corpse and cigarettes.
  • My 7th grade boyfriend, who I used to sit next to on the bus and every time he would kiss me on the cheek, I’d put a tally mark on my notebook. SO NOT KIDDING.
  • My 4th and 5th grade music teacher, who oddly enough remembered me without a second’s doubt.
  • My aunt (and I’m still in awe that she figured out how to text me the other day…)
  • My youth minister from 7th grade.

And you know what I like the most about it? I seriously love snooping into the lives of other people that perhaps I didn’t really like back in the day or I just wanted to see if the trainwreck continued. And you know what? In most cases it has.

Man, I love the internet.

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